Working in partnership with UK hotels to achieve environmental sustainability, by significantly reducing the amount of soap and toiletry waste going to landfill.

Recycling and repurposing this waste through a number of community engagement activities, to get soap and hygiene products to those most in need.

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An essential tool for hotels serious about sustainability

Simple to build in to your existing housekeeping routine

Easy to use materials, great support and advice

Engages staff, guests and stakeholders

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about cleanconscience

What we do

CleanConscience works alongside hotels and toiletry manufacturers to ensure that the maximum amount of partially used hotel soap and toiletries are recovered, re-purposed and redistributed for the benefit of those most in need of hygiene.

Watch our short video to learn more about how we work and how we got started.

About the hotel programme

Becoming a CleanConscience hotel partner is a very simple process and delivers on many levels. Not only does it have the potential to significantly reduce the amount of waste your business sends to landfill (and the associated costs) but it has proven to engage both staff and guests.

The benefits of the programme can be seen both in the environmental impact of your business and in your contribution to social and economic improvements locally and through our international partnerships.

How we do it

Working with hotel housekeeping teams, we collect the partly used bars of soap and toiletries. These are then returned to our processing units and handled in one of several ways as demonstrated below:

Re-using the liquid toiletries

Partly used bottles and tubes are decanted by our volunteers, re-packaged in large volume containers, and made available for corporate charity donation as ReFresh Toiletry products.

Re-purposing unused toiletries

Full or almost full bottles are sanitised by our volunteers, ready for placement into CareKit toiletry packs, as part of our community focussed activity sessions. These are open to schools, businesses and other groups wishing to undertake team building or group activities to make a real social difference.

Recycling the bottles and tubes

Empty plastic bottles and tubes are sent to an EfW facility.

Re-purposing the soaps

Soap bars are sorted, cleaned, chipped and re-processed into soap powder and soap noodles, which are sent to the Kori Women’s Development Project in Sierra Leone, where micro-enterprises are set up to enable local women to support themselves and their families.