UK beneficiaries

You have requested that the Brett foundation has less prominence and more emphasis placed on recipients eg women’s refuges, refugees, homeless hostels. I do not have this information so it will need to be written by someone who does please

The Brett Foundation

Helping people in poverty, out of poverty

The Brett Foundation works with families and individuals who struggle with poverty, whether on benefits or working.

They work to ensure that everyone is part of the community regardless of age, race, religion or gender.  No one should be left to feel isolated, alone or helpless.  They are there to help.

Working closely with Foodshare who provide food for the homeless and those in poverty and other charities and agencies, The BrettFoundation strives to help those in need to help themselves.

Together we can make a difference.

Global beneficiaries


Sundara seeks to empower women and children through better hygiene and health care

Sundara’s mission is to reduce preventable hygiene related diseases and deaths in vulnerable populations (especially children and women) through sustainable solutions that involve female empowerment, local involvement and intensive hygiene education.

Sundara’s Mumbai operation trains women to recycle soap and become local hygiene ambassadors. Each month they deliver soap and hygiene training to over 2,000 children. They also deliver soap and hygiene training for adults and children at medical centers in the Kalwa slums to ensure that the good hygiene habits stick.