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CleanConscience is ready to host volunteers that are eager to ‪#makeadifference !

The activities are labour intensive, repetitive, manual processes, involving sorting the soap and toiletries and manually emptying the containers from any product remaining.

Half used soaps and travel sized bottled toiletries are collected from various hotels in London, to name a few – Brown’s Hotel, The Ritz London, The Dorchester, The Cavendish, The Capital and The Sanderson – to be recycled and gifted to those in need.

The soaps need to be sorted, scraped and sterilised in a mild sterilisation bath (nothing dangerous) and the round ones need “chipping” with a potatoe chipper (again, nothing dangerous) in readiness for our Production Manager to reprocess them into new bars of soap for distribution by European and international humanitarian aid organisations.

The bottled toiletries need to be sorted into type – shampoo, body wash, conditioner and body lotion – and the almost full ones need to be nicely cleaned up and packed into boxes to be added to the CareKit™ Project toiletry bags by another group of volunteers.

The remainder of the bottled toiletries then need to be manually decanted from any product remaining – we have a very clever concept for doing this ;o) – and will be repackaged and gifted to domestic projects serving people in need (UK Based).


WHEN: We are flexible as to when you can volunteer with us – make contact and suggest a date and we’ll check the calendar and let you know. We can offer a couple of hours, half a day or full day activities.

WHERE: Either at our recycling operating unit just outside Maidenhead (J8/9 off the M4) or we can bring the activity to you.


Volunteering at CleanConscience is appropriate for children as well as adults. Volunteers must be at least 8 years old. Children ages 8 through 15 require supervision by a parent or guardian.

We can also accommodate a wide range of disabled people – physical disabilities, learning difficulties, autism, anxiety to name a few – please make enquiries to arrange a pre-volunteering visit, to see whether it is suitable for your requirements.

We can accommodate groups of up to 20 at any one time.

A signed liability waiver is required for all participants regardless of age.


KNOWLEDGE: Find out why our work is so important and how soap saves lives.

SORTING & DECANTING: Volunteers help to sort and decant the soap and toiletry bottles we receive from hotels.

SOCIALISING: We make a good cup of tea and you can enjoy a natter with like minded people.

WHO CAN DO IT: We are keen to work with anyone that is willing to volunteer with us. If you, or someone you care for, has a disability then we ask that you please make enquiries to arrange a pre-volunteering visit, to see whether it is suitable for your requirements.

EXPENSES: We do not yet have funding to cover this but as soon as this changes then we’ll be offering to cover travel expenses and offer lunch.

Tea / Coffee and biscuits will be provided!

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