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Recycling UK hotel toiletries were not possible until CleanConscience came along – half used soaps and empty or half-full amenity bottles and tubes ended up in landfill or were being incinerated.

No domestic or business recycling schemes will accept glass or plastic containers with product still left inside, it goes straight into general waste.

As far as the empty mini plastic bottles and containers ending up in dry mixed recycling are concerned, the fact is that the UK waste and recycling industry is not set up to capture material below a certain size.

According to the British Plastics Federation (BPF):

Nearly all types of plastics can be recycled, however the extent to which they are recycled depends upon technical, economic and logistic factors. As a valuable and finite resource, the optimum recovery route for most plastic items at the ‘end-of-life’ is to be recycled, preferably back into a product that can then be recycled again and again and so on. The UK uses over 5 million tonnes of plastic each year of which an estimated 24% is currently being recovered or recycled.

According to RECOUP:

Recycling is now commonplace in the UK and a tangible environmental action in which consumers can participate.

Figures obtained by Recycling of Used Plastics Limited (RECOUP) for their annual survey show that plastic recycling continues to increase with 58% of bottles and an estimated 19% of pots, tubs and trays collected for recycling in 2012 by Local Authority schemes.

However there are limitations to these schemes due to the way in which material is handled, sorted and reprocessed.

Small bottles and containers, less than 100ml, tend not to be recoverable in most Material Reclamation Facilities (MRFs).

MRFs typically have equipment that removes small items, fines and fragments using, for example trommels or screen systems. These would typically discard any items that can fall through a 50mm diameter screen, or an equivalent rectangular shaped area. Nominally, these screens remove any small fragments / fines. Packaging below nominally 100ml in size (irrespective of material type) would be removed by fines screens and be landfilled in most cases.

CleanConscience offers the UK hotel industry a chance to reduce its environmental impact and save lives. Bottles and tubes are emptied, contents repurposed, and the recovered plastics are baled and sent for recycling.

Impact is measured and reported.

See more about the different types of plastics by clicking on this image below:


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