ways to partner with us

Sponsored programme membership

Sponsoring hotels to sign up to our Hotel Programme is a great way to enhance both the economic and environmental aspects of your product. For toiletry manufacturers and distributors this also adds a significant ‘responsible disposal’ dimension to CSR portfolios

You can either fully or part sponsor your customers to sign up to the programme and we are happy to negotiate group rates for multiple sponsored memberships – please get in touch with Gwen on 07941 524 222 , or email her here
We are also working with toiletry manufacturers and distributors to discover ways to reduce their own wastage, these include incorporating overruns and end of line bottles into our CareKits,  for more information – please contact Gwen on 07941 524 222 , or email her here

Team-building through Volunteering

Volunteering for our Carekit Project is a great platform for team-building and setting a rolling programme ensures that the goals achieved are continually reinforced. Click here to find out more >>

Charitable product donations

By getting involved in our Refresh Donation Scheme you can support shelters, care facilities and many other community facilites who provide much needed support for the vulnerable in our society. Hygeine products rank can be as essential as food, bedding and clothing for those enterprises when people need a helping hand when times are tough. Click here to find out more >>

Work placement and rehabilitation

Much of the work we do involves simple, repetitive tasks which can be adapted to suit the needs of people with different levels of ability. Helping to restore, maintain or increase manual dexterity and attention span. Working within a small group can also create a low-stress social engagement environment. We are happy to host both individual and carers at our Maidenhead centre on short ror long-term volunteering placements.

Details about the volunteer job roles and a contact form can be found here>>