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Before calling a waste operator or skip company, please consider an alternative way of redistributing and recycling your redundant office or hospitality end-of-life items.

CleanConscience can assist with this:

When the NEW ECONOMICS FOUNDATION (nef) acquired a new property they put in a request for our assistance with their office move and subsequent co-ordination of the redistribution of the resulting redundant old office furniture and other difficult to recycle items. 

This is not part of what CleanConscience originally set out to do, but we could not resist and took up the challenge of co-ordinating the redistribution of 65 desks, 67 office chairs, banqueting chairs and folding chairs, 21 desk lamps, 15 desk fans and 15 floor heaters. Other items were bicycle racks, a fitted kitchen, microwaves, fridges, sofas, a shed, shelves and metal racks.

We used a combination of Freegle, FreeCycle, Gumtree and Snaply posts to let people know what was available and gave charities and local residents first preference.

✔︎ A community arts charity called Sparkworks collected 4 of the desks and some chairs for their office and new shop on the nearby Black Prince Estate – they also took 6 of the tower computers, the UPS, mobile air conditioner, shelving and small black and white tv set.

✔︎ Umbrella from Woman to Woman made contact and collected with our assistance 16 or more desks, numerous chairs and other items – these will be used to set-up an incubator programme for women from disadvantaged communities to start their journey to improved personal economic and social wellbeing.

✔︎ Some 3D Aluminium Cubes, only used once for an exhibition in 2008, found a new home with Remakery, a charity that makes things from waste materials and also run creative events for the Brixton community. 

✔︎ Various individuals from nearby came and collected desks, tables and chairs.

✔︎ A young couple from Barbados, John & Dawn, returning there to start a charity where they will be teaching teenagers to record and mix their own music productions, came to dismantle and collect 4 of the desks.
2015-06-15 15.24.02✔︎ Dave, a college lecturer at City and Islington College (Camden) saw the potential of the shelving in the background of our photos posted on Gumtree – he collected some of it for the college’s woodwork classrooms and then also ended up taking the fitted kitchen cupboards and shed away.
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✔︎ The orange corner sofa found a new home with a young immigrant family where the father lost his job a couple of months ago.

✔︎ A young plumber, Joe Shabani, starting up his own business nearby, collected all the racks from the garage storeroom and also took some of the shelving for his new shop. 
2015-06-15 15.27.37✔︎ The two projector screens which were in the library upstairs made their way over to a local youth project in Slough – Burnham Youth Club.
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✔︎ A governor (parent) from the Kilmorie Primary School (Lewisham) collected the 5 bicycle racks.

✔︎ Everest Njemanze, a businessman that grew up in France and now lives in the UK, but with strong bonds to the village where his parents are from in Nigeria, came and dismantled the remaining desks to add to a half full container of other stuff that he is sending over to Nigeria as soon as the container is filled up – they are destined for a nursery and primary school near Mbaise – it took him 6 days to dismantle, label and load the desks into his hatchback car.  

✔︎ The small electrical items (fans, heaters, desk lamps, extension cords etc) went to a car boot with some other bits and bobs which proved more challenging to distribute.
2015-06-15 15.22.48✔︎ The three redundant printers with their surplus cartridges found a new home with CleanConscience!

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To calculate the carbon savings, landfill avoided, cars off the road, trees equivalent and charitable, giving we used an online resource-redistribution tool provided by WARPIT (Waste Action Reuse Portal).

The “total savings” on the image below should be read as “value of charitable giving”, due to the fact that the items were gifted to other charities and individuals:WarpIt Report

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