Kudos to The Dorchester as one of their Management Graduates step up to the plate

The Dorchester becomes one of the first three UK hotels to partner with CleanConscience in a project identified and rolled out by one of their Management Graduates.  

The Dorchester is always looking for ambitious individuals who share their values: Passion – with pride, we enthusiastically deliver exceptional service; Personality – with confidence, we take on challenges as opportunities to express our generosity; Respect – with integrity and fairness, we value the diversity of people, cultures and environments; Working Together – with trust, we act as one team, celebrating everyone’s contribution and successes; Innovation – with a spirit of curiosity, risk taking and ongoing learning, we share creative solutions for continuous improvement.

In Claudia Hilti, a Management Graduate all the way from Liechtenstein, currently 5 month’s into her 18 month placement with The Dorchester they have found all those values.

Claudia Hilti

The Dorchester encourages and supports its employees to suggest innovative ideas for continuous improvement. Consequently, I was confident in introducing the concept of CleanConscience to my managers, supervisors, and coworkers. Each member of The Dorchester Graduate Programme has the opportunity to see how various departments operate and are encouraged to raise ideas for improvement. By coincidence, I came across the CleanConscience website and was taken by the idea of converting used soaps and toiletries into a meaningful, sustainable product that will help people in need as well as protect the environment. Throughout the process, The Dorchester has been very supportive and it has been a pleasure working with Gwen.

Claudia Hilti, Management Graduate, The Dorchester

We are impressed by the way in which Claudia identified and delivered this project. To start with she made discreet enquiries, which she followed up with more fact finding questions and due diligence, and finally she put the proposal forward to her team leader, to get approval at a higher level. When approval was granted she took control of the project’s delivery by asking that certain aspects, like the provision of staff awareness posters and a housekeeping training video, were produced and delivered before the next step in the project’s roll-out could be taken.

We are very pleased to be working with The Dorchester and more particularly in playing a small part in this young lady’s career development. 

Gwen Powell, Founder and Project Director, CleanConscience


2015-08-04 16.10.12
Audrone, Housekeeping,
The Dorchester

(photos courtesy of Claudia Hilti)

Jutta Asta, Executive Housekeeper for The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane, has the final word:

It takes so little to make a difference!

Gwen & Dennis - Dorchester
Gwen Powell, Project Director &
Dennis Geertsen, Production Manager

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