CleanConscience offers a bespoke programme to fit your requirements and to suit your budget.

Why become a partner

Becoming a CleanConscience partner hotel is a very simple process and delivers on many levels. By recycling partly used soap and toiletries your hotel can significantly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill (and the associated costs) and at the same time engage both staff and guests.

The benefits of the programme can be seen in the environmental impact of your business and in your contribution to social and economic improvements, both locally and through our international partnerships.

A brief overview

  • Collected soap and toiletries are sorted, sanitised, repurposed and distributed to those in need of sanitation.
  • Recovered plastics are sent to a nearby EfW facility (see Recycling Page).
  • Impact is measured and reported.

We offer a TurnKey solution for hotels in Central London and we provide everything you need to incorporate this simple adjustment to your housekeeping team’s routines.

programme and fees


(for properties in Central London)

we supply the recycling crates, for you to collect soap and toiletries in, and collect them from you at regular pre-arranged times, to suit you, when we also deliver empty crates for you to fill again.

This programme includes:

  • heavy-duty stackable recycling crates with lids for separate soap & toiletry recovery;
  • monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly collections, and delivery of replacement crates;
  • housekeeping awareness posters and training video;
  • a Partnership Certificate and your property named as a partner on our website;
  • sorting, reprocessing and distribution of soap and toiletries; and
  • an Annual Report, showing how many tonnes were diverted by your property.

How many crates will my property need for the TURNKEY SOLUTION?

This depends on many factors – how many rooms, how many units of complimentary toiletries you supply per visit, your occupancy rate and other operational factors. We would be happy to provide you with an estimate and also offer a month’s trial to ascertain your property’s requirements.

Up to 500 rooms in the group taking part in our Programme
= £13.50 per crate collected

Up to 1,500 rooms in the group taking part in our Programme
= £9.50 per crate collected

Up to 1,000 rooms in the group taking part in our Programme
= £11.50 per crate collected

Up to 2,000 rooms in the group taking part in our Programme
= £7.50 per crate collected

In addition to our soap and toiletries programme we also have a number of options to re-use “End of Life” materials such as bedding, towels and other household items. Please contact Gwen on 07941 524 222 for more information.

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