In aid of Nepal

In Aid of Nepal



When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on the 25th of April 2015 the management and staff of Henley Business School, Greenlands Campus, inspired by their current and former Nepalese colleagues, felt compelled to do something.

Arrangements were made to ask colleagues to donate items like sleeping bags, children’s and adult’s clothing, and anything else deemed to be useful, in order to send over a consignment to Nepal. The donations soon flooded in and as the 100 bed hotel at Greenlands Campus recently updated their bedding, this was also seen as useful items to be added to the consignment.

When it became apparent that to arrange for a container to be shipped over to Nepal would be more tricky than first anticipated Kate Cama, House Manager at Greenlands, made contact with Gwen Powell from CleanConscience, to ask for her assistance.

A partnership between Greenlands and CleanConscience already existed in the form of a hotel soap and toiletry recycling initiative, that originated at Greenlands, and CleanConscience had also assisted previously when hotel linen and other difficult to recycle items needed redistribution and recycling.

Gwen, Founder and Project Manager of CleanConscience, immediately made enquiries with her contacts about the costs and logistics of getting containers shipped over to Nepal. The situation soon revealed itself and not only did the cost of shipping a container seem prohibitive, but the impracticalities of getting the contents distributed and moved once it arrived in Nepal were widely reported.

Gwen is a Rotarian and avid supporter of the ShelterBox Programme, and she also loves car booting, so she immediately suggested that the items that were donated should be taken to a car boot sale, with the proceeds used to sponsor a ShelterBox. 

ShelterBox contentsA ShelterBox costs £590 to sponsor and each one is tailored to a disaster, but typically contains a disaster relief tent for a family of ten, thermal blankets and groundsheets, water storage and purification equipment, solar lamps, cooking utensils, a basic tool kit, mosquito nets and a children’s activity pack. They were hoping to be able to sponsor at least one ShelterBox.

On Saturday the 6th of June the team from CleanConscience, Gwen and Dennis, and three Nepalese members of the housekeeping staff from the Greenlands Campus, Maya Gurung, Dirgha Singh Thapa and Dhanu Thapa, led by Kate and accompanied by Becky Kite, Programme Administrator at Greenlands, attended the Giant Denham Car Boot Sale with a very large Mercedes Sprinter van filled to the brim with donated items.

CleanConscience - HBS in Aid of NepalIt was a lovely sunny day and the crowds were happy to see them! Together they raised a total of £1,258 and after expenses were paid they had enough to sponsor TWO ShelterBox containers!

The Nepalese members of staff are very grateful for the efforts that went into raising the monies to sponsor something which will have such a significant impact for their fellow countrymen and CleanConscience feels humbled and happy to have played a part in this.

PS: If your property or business would like to replicate what they’ve done then please get in touch with Gwen on 07941 524 222 or by sending an email to: 

PS: You can choose which charity you wish to raise funds for.

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