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Hospitality end-of-life items

Hospitality end-of-life items



In the Autumn of 2014, when the time came to replace and renew some of their household items, such as linens, cleaning materials and soft furnishings, the housekeeping team at Henley Business School, Greenlands Campus were keen to find good homes for all the old items and here’s what they achieved with the assistance of CleanConscience:

✔︎  20 local families (Maidenhead & Slough areas) in dire need of bedding said it felt like Christmas! This distribution happened via a Facebook Group called Maidenhead Gossip Girls

✔︎  Two people carriers full of linen were shipped over to Kenya, to a project working with mothers and babies – Baby Matters

chef's whites soft furnishings

✔︎  The stuffing from the small cushions were turned into Heart Pillows for the Heidi’s Heart Pillow Project in Bracknell

✔︎  Damaged and worn items went to two animal charities – Battersea Dog’s Home (Old Windsor) & The Animal Sanctuary (Dorney)

✔︎  Old sets of Chefs’ Whites went to The Clink Charity for trainee chefs when they are released from HM Prison and start their first jobs

✔︎  30 upright vacuum cleaners went to a social project in London where they are teaching young electricians about repairing and refurbishing small household appliances

vacuum cleaners hotel

✔︎  Three boxes of old Christmas decorations and redundant outdoor bins went to a local housing association’s children’s nursery for an art project

If your property or business would like to replicate what they’ve done then please get in touch with Gwen on 07941 524 222 or by sending an email to: 

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