Corporate Rebranding

Corporate Rebranding




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At the end of May, CleanConscience assisted with the relocation of a huge consignment of hospitality stock, which became redundant due to rebranding.

~ 212,000 new hand towels

~ 39,100 new first class comfort kits

~ 8,000 new bars of new soap

~ 200 used cabin crew sleeping bags

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We collaborated and donated the bars of soap, sleeping bags and most of the towels to NPAC (the National Police Aid Convoys), to be utilised in their various aid projects and we hope to provide updates and photos in the months to come.

The first class comfort kits are going to assist CleanConscience in raising much needed funds to get our project of the ground and you can read more about it here:

CleanConscience CareKit™ Project

PS: with special thanks to our Rotary connections and new friends at NPAC for making this happen!

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If your property or business would like to replicate what they’ve done then please get in touch with Gwen on 07941 524 222 or by sending an email to: 

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