If it’s heavy duty plastic containers and workplace storage equipment you require then Plastor’s the only company you need. As one of the leading UK suppliers of industrial strength storage products, primarily specialising in plastic containers, Plastor has been providing storage solutions to the largest blue chip companies to the smallest businesses for almost 25 years. Plastor’s aim is simple, it is to provide the best product, the best advice all at the best possible price.

Plastor is also an environmentally conscience company and offers an extensive range of plastic storage boxes manufactured from recycled material. In fact, most of Plastor’s plastic boxes can be recycled in to reground plastic ready to create something new, whether the reground plastic is reincarnated into boxes once again or used to create a very different product altogether. Many of Plastor’s containers are also manufactured in the UK, which is better for the environment as less carbon emissions are emitted when transporting goods to the warehouse, unlike products manufactured and imported from the Far East.

Plastor was approached in early 2015 by CleanConscience. When the founders explained what CleanConscience stood for Plastor became extremely excited by the ‘refreshing’ idea. Plastor helped CleanConscience find the right product for their requirements – the crates needed to be easy to carry, of a size that won’t be over-filled, easy to identify, as well as suited to the CleanConscience brand. After a few samples and trials of potential options the crate of choice was agreed and produced, they look fantastic and have been very successful.

Based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, Plastor offers and stocks thousands of products and solutions to cater for your needs. Being independent, Plastor can even source products which don’t appear within their ‘standard’ ranges. If you have a problem, a simple call to one of Plastor’s expert advisors can easily solve your issues in a matter of minutes.

Recycling Crates