CareKit™ Project

CareKit Project

CareKit™ Project


Looking for a community focussed team building exercise or project for your class or club to take part in?

CleanConscience can assist with this and at the same time you can assist CleanConscience with raising much needed funds, to get their project off the ground.

How does the CareKit™ Project work?

  • Decide on a date and location for your event. Determine how many comfort kits your team will build and select a group to receive the CareKit™ comfort kits.
  • Send e-mails, put up flyers, and talk about your CareKit™ comfort kit event in the classroom, at team meetings or club meet-ups. Get the group excited about volunteering.
  • Assemble the CareKit™ comfort kits, pack them in boxes, and then provide the gift of comfort and hygiene to a local homeless shelter or aid group.
  • Remember to take photos!

CareKit™ Project

About the CleanConscience CareKit™ Project:

  • A large corporate company, providing cabin services to the hospitality sector, donated the kits to CleanConscience to assist in our own fundraising and awareness campaigns. Their client decided to rebrand and a large volume of first class comfort kits {30,000} and hand towels {60,000} became redundant.
  • The first class comfort kits already contain the following items:
    • Toiletry bag
    • Small soap bar
    • Pen
    • Face Cloth
    • Razor & shaving cream
    • Hand & body lotion
    • Socks
    • Toothbrush & paste
    • Earplugs
  • Extras to be added*:
    • 1 x Body Wash
    • 1 x Shampoo
    • 2 x Hand Towels

* provided by us and packed by you

If your school, company, club or service organisation would like to take part in a CareKit™ Project event then please get in touch with Gwen on 07941 524 222 or by sending an email to: 

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